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'It's So Hard to Focus!' What Is Focus Therapy?

Have you ever been to therapy and felt like your therapist was condescending? Just because they went to graduate school doesn’t mean they know more than you do. They’re a human being, just like you. There’s this association with therapists knowing all the answers as if they’re some deity or unique human being who can tell the future or is omniscient. These are false ideas about mental health professionals, and these myths need to be debunked. In focus therapy, you and your therapist are on equal footing. They work exceptionally hard to show you that you have the answers to your problems — but how do you find them? By learning that focusing on the present can be the key to happiness.

It’s easy to take life for granted. It seems like each day passes slowly at times when you’re sitting at work at your computer, waiting for a train to go home, waiting in line at the DMV. But then there are those moments where you feel joy, like when you hear the sound of your son’s laughter or when you share coffee with a friend. Moments like sitting on a park bench talking to your partner and remembering happy moments together. Focus therapy helps you to live in the present and start to appreciate what you have as opposed to what you’re yearning to achieve.

Why right now?

When you truly live each moment and experience it on a deep level, you may notice a more profound sense of appreciation for it. Focus therapy is the perfect place to practice mindfulness, develop solutions for problems you can’t seem to solve and work towards future goals by focusing on right now. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? It’s not. When you zero in on your current situation, you can begin to fix the problems and then find better solutions for the future.

It’s so hard to focus.

One of the things we struggle with today is focusing. Why? One of the reasons is technology makes it so hard to pay attention to one thing for long periods of time. You’re reading a book, for example, and you hear a ding or a buzzing on your phone. The notification alarms you (literally) and you must know who’s trying to talk to you. Unfortunately, the sounds of your phone take you away from a poignant moment in the book. The example I just referenced is one of the many reasons to try focus therapy. We need to develop and hone the skill of concentration so that we can enjoy things better.

Get focused.

Whether you’re in focus therapy with an online therapist or someone in your local area, you’re in control of your mind. You have the power to work through some severe issues when you use mindfulness and learn to focus.

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