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15 YouTube Channels that Help People on Bad Mental Health Days

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When I am having a rough mental health day, I try to find something that takes my mind off of what I am worried about, even if it is just for 10 minutes. I personally love watching YouTube videos because I find them to be creative, and content on their website is free for the most part.

Others have flocked to YouTube as well, and have found solace in watching their favorite creators’ YouTube videos. In a BBC article, journalist Drew Miller Hyndman wrote about how some people have turned to the YouTube music channel imlonely, where creator Hunter encourages her followers to be open about their mental health.

One viewer told BBC that imlonely’s “community really helped me a lot, especially during 2019. That really was the worst year of my life, so my mental health was so unstable around that time.”

We asked members of the Mighty’s mental health community to share which YouTube channels help them when their mental health is not great. From informational to gaming and craft videos, this list has something for everyone.

Here are the YouTube channels that people shared:

1. Game Grumps

“I’ve been bingeing their older videos, and I just finished watching a video of them playing a low-budget racing game. They were frustrated with the controls, so they curse, make jokes and laugh with each other. It’s just fun to watch something lighthearted.” – Angel

2. StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

“I love anything about science and engineering. Been on a geology and vulcanology binge lately though, which is just as awesome too!” – Ethan

3. MyPetiteGarden

“Acquiring and caring for houseplants has become a primary coping skill during COVID.” – Vanessa

4. It’s Okay to Be Smart

“I like educational channels. It keeps me grounded and focused on something real.” – Laura

5. DrMickLive

“[DrMickLive is] a licensed couple and family therapist (with a Ph.D.) and he posts clips from his live streams on YouTube answering various mental health questions and concerns. There’s even some videos about full lectures he’s given when he was a professor. It’s amazing information and free of charge.” – Melissa

6. How to Cook That

“Sometimes I just like watching fun baking videos and she does a lot of debunking those fake life hacks too. Her voice is soothing to me.” – Jaimie

7. Drawfee Show

“A group of professional artists doing silly challenges. The most contagious laughs in the universe.” – Lula

8. Kyra Ann

“Her peaceful and minimalist life reminds me of the little joys and to clear my headspace.” – Denise

9. EvanAndKatelyn

“They always cheer me up on a bad day.” – Chelsea

10. GrayStillPlays

“I usually laugh at the games he plays and helps bring me in a better mood.” – Amanda

11. Good Mythical Morning

“The vibe they have just cheers me up.” – Morgan

12. How Ridiculous

“Just three Australian dudes having fun with random, ridiculous activities.” – Matthew

13.  Darlene Michaud

“She mostly posts sewing videos these days but she does things in a quirky and imperfect way. She is fun and has a great sense of humor: She just makes me laugh.” – Jo

14. R&R Ranch Minis

“I love anything cute and adorable that makes me laugh or gives me a warm feeling. This miniature house ranch always lifts my spirits!” – Elizabeth

15. Retro Report

“I have watched this channel’s well-reported videos for hours. I like how these videos take a closer look at topics I’ve vaguely heard about or give new information on a controversial issue from decades ago.” – Julia

What YouTube channels would you add to this list? Share in the comments below. 

Image via Getty Images/Oksana Artemeva

Originally published: February 17, 2021
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