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If You've Ever Had a Health Scare, You Need to See Hailey Bieber's New Video

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If you’ve ever experienced a health scare, you may relate to model Hailey Bieber’s Instagram video where she details her experience with what seemed to be a “mini stroke.”

In the video, Hailey Bieber talks about a morning where she was having breakfast with her husband and started feeling a tingly sensation going down from her arm to her fingertips, which ultimately shifted to her face drooping and more.

“Definitely the scariest moment of my life,” she says as she details all the fears she lived through in the moment. She couldn’t communicate, but by the time she got to the emergency room her body was mostly recovered. After running different tests, they determined that it could have been a combination of her birth control pills, as she lives with migraine attacks, long traveling, and having just gotten over COVID-19. Unsatisfied, the Biebers sought answers, and through more testing found out the root cause and created a treatment path for her.

She had a patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure operation and is currently recovering.

A large part of her detailing this experience was the confusion at the misdiagnosis, fear that this would be a life-altering experience, and the anxiety of having another mini stroke. The anxiety symptoms mirrored some of the transient ischemic attack (TIA), or temporary blockage of blood to the brain, which caused her more stress.

If you’ve ever lived through a scary health experience, this is all too relatable – praying that you find the cause of the issue, unsure if it would happen again while you were waiting for answers and appointments, of course those split seconds that feel like forever when you’re in an episode and you have no choice but to wait it out. On top of all of that, the most relatable part may be the pure confusion when the answers don’t make sense. 

Originally she was misdiagnosed, and should she not have pursued a second opinion, she could have been in more health trouble. Having such a terrifying moment and being told that there was no discernible root cause versus it being a “perfect storm” isn’t as calming as one would hope. She was luckily able to advocate for herself and find out what was wrong, but all of those in-between moments, where the only lingering thoughts on your mind are debilitating “what if’s” with no direction or answer, still count and can be traumatic.

It’s so incredibly important that Hailey Bieber shared her experience. It’s hard being vulnerable about situations like this, especially when you were scared for your life.

As she says at the end of the video, if you ever have any health concerns, it’s so important to see a doctor and communicate your health concerns. We’re thankful she spoke up. Hopefully this inspires more people to not only tell their stories, but advocate for themselves and talk to their doctors as well.

Image courtesy of Hailey Bieber’s Instagram

Originally published: May 10, 2022
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