Last night as I lay in bed sick and in pain thinking and praying about it all, I was hit by the fact that I've been through hell and back and it’s a wonder I’m still living, yet I'm still standing and fighting every day to maintain what I can. Is my fight any less heroic than the ones we always hear about of how people fight through something and come back? I'm not coming back from my illnesses. It's been twenty-seven years. Still I fight every day for the most minuscule accomplishments. They're not even things that would be measured unless you've been where I am. Does that mean I'm not just as tough, resilient, and mentally strong as those who have tangible, physical results to show for their efforts? I would sincerely challenge anyone to live a year like I do before answering. When I was still dancing, I would challenge any other athlete to keep up. It is similar with this debility. I am a warrior! I need to frequently remind myself of that.