Being so new I didn't realise I could add more to my first post, so here we go again! 😅

Hi, my name is SnoethaFinnwell. I’m new to The Mighty. I'm a father of 4 boys.

"S" & "N" are 13 year old twins & both on the autism spectrum. "S" is also diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). "N" is also on the adhd spectrum. Both boys live with the anxiety and depression that comes with it.

"M" is 12 years old & on the adhd spectrum with ODD. He's also got a high IQ so is easily bored in class, and then get himself in mischief and trouble!

My youngest, at 3 years old is "F". At 18 months old "F" was diagnosed with GGD (global developmental delay). In December last year he finally received his very expected asd diagnosis too. "F" (& mum & dad) has been lucky enough have the support of an amazing speech therapist and occupational therapist since his GDD diagnosis. His OT learning is close to where is should be for his age but his speech is still very delayed, at around 1.5 year old level. He certainly know how to tell us what he wants though 😅

For myself, about 5 years ago I realised that my life long depression & anger issues were a presentation of anxiety. Meds & a new counsellor helped me to work through it but it wasn't until early 2020, at 37 years old I joined at Facebook group "ADHD memes" thinking it would be a bit of a relatable laugh, considering my 2 adhd boys. Well it was relateable in a wholly expected sense! My life finally made sense when I received my own adhd diagnosis in November 2020.

Since then I've learnt so much about myself, my boys and how our brains work. It's given me drive to support others through sharing my story and bought me so much closer to my boys, now that I know we're all wired the same way.

My wife is amazing and a driving force behind the best decisions of my life. She gave me my bonus son, "M" (but if anyone asks, he's mine and it was quite rude if her to act like we hadn't conceived him together for 3 years before we met!) and my 4th son "F".

Anyway, a trait of adhd is telling super long stories and too much detail. Welcome to my life! 😅




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