Here's an interesting question:

Are Highly Sensitive People genetically predisposed to mold allergy?


Is the fact that there are more HSPs than ever before directly proportional to the fact that fungi is becoming more and more of a problem in the food and water supply because of the evolution of these pathogens to become multi-treatment resistant?

Symptoms of exposure to mycotoxins in those with mold allergy presents differently from induvidual to individual. And, it can occur that even if several people in the same environment are exposed, only one will present in neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Perhaps, the genetic component and 'chemical imbalance' of a great many with both situational and non-situational mental health symptoms like anxiety, depression, emotion disregulation, mood swings, and suicidality is actually a genetic mold allergy. And, the reason prescriptions and therapies have limited affect and the symptoms worsen as the person ages is because of cumulative exposure to mycotixins. Therefore, no mental health prescriptives will elimate symptoms until the mold toxicity is eliminated in the body and brain.

If anyone doubts or thinks I'm 'reaching', just Google "Mycotoxins and Mental Health".

The sad thing is, there are very few medical professionals trained in mold toxicity and I would guess even fewer mental health practitioners who are. #mycotoxins #MoldPoisoning
#Mold toxicity