So I had an outburst at work yesterday. It blows my mind that I made it almost the entire 10 hour shift without going off on anyone but about 8 hours in I couldn't take the harassment and the shenanigans from my co workers and I just went off and then the area manager stepped in like she actually cares. She said I will look out for you and moved me to a different line. Then I was by myself for a little bit cause you know time out and shit. Then I was moved again this time with other people who were just quiet. After so long it's been 5 years and I'm still being harassed about something so old it irritates me. People just can't let shit go. It has nothing to do with them but they just want to fit in. They just want to feel like they belong because they have a pack mentality because they don't know who they are. It makes me sick to the stomach to know that so many people are lossed and will probably never find themselves. #Bpdstruggles #Worklife #nottakingthislyingdown