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A writer lists the 10 biggest lies OCD tells you and why you shouldn’t believe them.


The 10 Biggest Lies OCD Tells You

  1. I have to do rituals to feel safe or keep others safe.
  2. This anxiety will last forever.
  3. I have to do rituals if I want to feel less anxious.
  4. My thoughts make me dangerous.
  5. Just do the ritual one more time. It’s better than trying to resist.
  6. I shouldn’t tell people about my thoughts.
  7. There is a high probability something bad will happen.
  8. I should be able to control my thoughts.
  9. If something bad does happen, I won’t be able to cope.
  10. I need certainty.

For whatever lies OCD tells you, there is hope and there is help.

Understanding the lies can be the first step.

Based on a piece by Morgan Rondinelli

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