In 2013 I was in 3 ICU’s & spent 30 days in social isolation (give or take a handful of visitors) after my right arm was amputated.

30 days, and I didn’t even know my release date. I was always told “we will see”

But what if things stay the same? What happens in those 30 Days?

In my hospital stay:

I found mindfulness.

I found meditation

I found myself in a different light than I ever had before and I started to love the new practices I had found. This is what brought me to teach yoga. To help people find the importance in the responsibility of self-work and thru integrity.

So please. Don’t just let yourself go. If you get stuck or feel stuck, turn your attention toward something, anything else.

My biggest struggle is that I’ve been one week into my own social isolation and my overuse syndrome is starting to flare up again. My only hand burns and feels like I’m in burning pain if/when I go to use it.

The only remedy for overuse is?


Rest when you need to. I tell myself this constantly. It sound great, sleeping all day and all night… but most times, it just feels like you never wake up feeling well rested from it. But it’s important to give your body what is needed when its needed.

30 Days of coping with exhaustion but which also turned out to be something much more beautiful than what it could have been. I started to learn how to heal myself.

I’m not perfect. Learning to better yourself is a life-long learning modality. I’m still in the practice of learning my grace. My self -critiques.

Then I have friends remind me of my resilience. That I advocate and fight for the things that matter most to me.

Because I took the time to sort out my priorities—to sort myself out.

Your time is now. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t physically create a damn thing, do that fixer upper project you want to do, dye your hair purple (hmmm) or build the best animal crossing home that you’ve ever seen.

Do what is right for YOU. Take this time for YOU. Work as hard as you can (even if that means to rest up as much as you can) but please do whatever you need to for no one, other than you.