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Ladies, there is a certain person asking to be directly messaged. If any of you accepted a new friend Christmas eve or Christmas
Check background!

I hate to do this and I could be totally wrong, debated a while about posting this.

I'm trying to keep it vague enough..but we just had a convo about this type of thing and I think I may have given a scammer ideas with my response to a post and I am concerned.

If a guy (or gal for that matter) is posting and asking to be privately messaged because of the sensitivity if the subject... check them out.
They may have done some response posts & have some disorder hashtags, but when I DMd like asked instead of duscussing the sensitive topic, they wanted advice on by DM, it was Hello Friend & how are you? Instead of taking a sensitive subject out of public eye.
I looked their history and it ono ÷ļwell designed lure (if it is one) but please DM me so I can give a name.


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