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Shady side of the street for me!

Sunlight is out to get me! #Lupus Today is a gorgeous spring day and I am a total vampire on the outside without being super sexy and sparkling! Because of several terrible experiences with Scleritis and horrible scars in one eye, light just hurts! Then the rash starts, fatigue and pain. With sunscreen it makes very little difference with my reaction to sunlight and light. People are just confused at how I turn down invitations to parks and BBQs or to go along on a walk. Most of the time I accept the restrictions, hide out inside with curtains filtering sun light and spend most of my time outdoors very early and after dusk. My gardens thrive and so do the flowers but I must stay inside. Even a car trip in sunny weather can have terrible effects for days. Still, a day like today, with everything just blooming and azure blue skies. I feel sad I have to stay indoors. With sunscreen even inside!

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