Overall, I’ve been very blessed with incredible doctors who are intelligent and every bit kind. So....I guess that makes the bad doctors stand out.

I decided to get a different pysch because of his blatant non caring of my mental health. however I need see him so I could get scripts for my meds as I have to wait a bit to see my new doctor.

A few months ago (in the thick of COVID) he asked how was the medicine treating my depression. I expressed my concern for how much it has increased to have him answer, “Well, everyone is depressed these days.”

😳 ummmm...don’t you go comparing other people who are experiencing situational depression with my major depression.

Okay, so that was strike 2 (I know there is something else but I can’t remember). Then this week I saw him and brought up a significant update to my life that can be misdiagnose as a major mental health diagnosis. He didn’t say anything. I told him he should look it up and he responded “I probably won’t.” And ended the session talking about his treadmill.

😳😡 I was livid!!! This new piece of information is sooo vital in his line of work and changes a lot for me. For him to not even pretend he will and dismiss me furious.

#doctorsdontlisten #blessedoverall #shakehimhard