So this was fun. I got handed this today as part of my attendance management program that I’ve been on for over a year now. Which basically means everytime I’m sick I have to go to a clinic doctor (I would love to see my doctor for this but it is so short notice) to get a stupid note saying I was sick. And you get harassed here by the clinic doctors because it’s non sense they aren’t assessing you just writing a note. I get it but that’s not my problem. I’m made to do this or I face disciplinary actions at work and can be fired. So I go pay 20-25$ each time which the company then reimburses me later. Silly stupid process. I’m just feeling angry because society forces shame on those in the community who are sick. This is degrading to be matched on paper like this and turned into a thing. Their words they used are trending down. Wth. I feel like a number. I hate this job. #Sicknotes #Attendance #cantwork #doctorsnotes