The doctor switched me off of the Vraylar onto Lithium due to akathisia, only to have Parkinsons like symptoms on the lithium. So now he has switched me to Rispiridone and Lamotrigine. I am hopeful that the symptoms of depression will finally go away and that I will actually be able to enjoy our vacation. Nothing has been working so far and I have been depressed for so long that normalcy is something that I have started questioning. What is normal? Does it exist? What is it like to not feel this way anymore and to actually want to get out and live life and do things instead of this constant anxiety over leaving the house. I just want be able to leave the house and run errands again without a panic attack. I just want to be able to go out on dates with my husband and go out to dinner on a whim. My daughter has been on this medication combination before and said that the rispiridone actually worked really quickly for her while she titrated up to the right dosage of the Lamotrigine, so I am excited at the possibility of having a wonderful vacation and that this might be the one finally. I am hopeful for a more positive experience and to actually get some decent sleep since she said that it really helped her be able to finally get sleep. Vraylar is not somethhing that is very good for sleep and neither was lithium. Here we go, trying again for a new normal.