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Tisomy X- Genetic Disorder

Hi. My name is Elizabeth. I was born with a rare Genetic mutation which presents a disorder. It's called Trisomy X or Triple X Syndrome. As a summary, there are 2 Special Sex Chromosomes in our genes that determine our sex:. An X and a Y. Boys get a Y from thier Dad and an X from thier Mom. Girls get a X from thier Dad and a X from thier Mom. So Boy=XY & Girl=XX. However in 1 out of 1000 Girls, a baby can be born with 3 X Chromosomes! That's where I come in! I have 3 X's! I would like to bring awareness and understanding about this genetic anomaly. I would also like to find others like me, and support them! We Women are eXtra Special! Some Scientists label us as "Super Women" because we have more of the female Sex Chromosome than normal, so it's like we are "more" woman than our peers! I think that's a great label to have! I'm Special!#SuperWomen #TrisomyX #TriplyXSyndrome #eXtraSpecial #GeneDuplication #GeneticDisorder #XXX

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Hi! I have a literal duplication of Genes! I have 3 X Chromosomes. Has anyone heard of Trisomy X? 1 in 1000 Women have it. Would you like to learn?

I was born with this rare generic disorder. I'd like to raise awareness for it and support other women like me who have it. #TrisomyX #3X #TripleXSyndrome #Superwoman