Dear Wyatt,
I try everyday to put myself in your shoes. I try to see the world as you see it. It's hard, my baby. It's hard to see what you go through. It's hard to relive the last 7 years of hospitalizations, surgeries, doctors appointments, therapies..ALL of it. It's hard to look at the future to know there is more. I cannot imagine how YOU feel. I wish you could tell me. I see you cry, you see me cry, sometimes we cry together. But remember that, I will always be here to let you cry on my shoulder, and I will always be here to cry with you.

Your strength amazes me. That's one thing I love reliving. You ARE SO STRONG. One thing I know for sure, whatever comes your way, you fight your way through it (literally 😘).

I wish I could change the world for YOU. I wish I could give you my voice. My health. My everything. If there was a way, I would. I wouldn't trade you for the world, but I would change the world for YOU. I would make sure the only songs that were ever played on the radio were, Catch by Brett Young, How to Love by Lil Wayne, and Sit Next To Me by Foster The People. See? I pay attention. I can tell when you love a song. You kick my seat when the song is over and then I play it again and you're happy. You have crazy taste in music, as do I and I think that's why we travel so well together.

I wish so badly you could tell us the decisions we make for you are the right one. At 7, you should have a voice to speak your mind and opinions. But no worries my baby, I will always be here to be that voice. And as long as you smile, I will know I'm making the right decisions.

#TuberousSclerosisComplex #tscstrong