Chemocars Offers Free Rides to and From Chemotherapy

Chemocars offers free rides to and from chemotherapy


ChemoCars Make Sure People With Cancer Never Miss A Treatment

By offering free rides to and from chemo in Charlotte, NC.

“Before ChemoCars, I had to take a cab to treatment.”

Having reliable transportation is crucial when undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

“From the day that I started oncology, transportation has always been an issue. You shouldn’t drive after you get medicated.”

“It can become very tricky. What time, where she needed to be, when she needed to be there, who was going to take her.”

After his mother, Gloria, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Zach Bolster noticed reliable transportation was a problem for many patients. When she passed away, he decided to do something in her honor. So he quit his job on Wall Street and launched ChemoCars with his wife Patricia.

“We want to take away just one problem from the list of problems that cancer patients have.”

ChemoCars connects patients with Uber/Lyft drivers

You can make reservations online or over the phone.

“I was getting into a panic. And so I called you guys. You guys had a car there within like 10 minutes to pick me up.”

And ChemoCars covers the cost through donations.

“The best thing that ChemoCars has been able to give us is just that relief in your mind that, you know, ‘hey, no matter what we can get this done.’ “

ChemoCars has already provided over 2,000 rides in Charlotte.

And they want to expand to more cities.

If you would like to help a patient get to treatment, you can donate at:

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