Meg Burton Shares Some Final Thoughts for NEDA Week

Meg’s back with a story about why eating disorder recovery was worth it for her.


So for me when I was in treatment, I was so against Italian food. Like, so against it. Then in a weird, crazy turn of events I ended up starting to work in the Italian portion of Switzerland during the summers, and have just learned to freaking love Italian food. But I would not be able to have these amazing experiences over the summers if it weren’t for my recovery, because it’s not just the food. I mean the food aspect is amazing because a lot of our memories revolve around food, you know? Eating together, going out to eat. But then also the adventures I’m able to have in Italy and Switzerland, like ice climbing, or canyoning or caving. It is a different culture there, women of all ages wear bikinis. Like, old women. And I’m like, you got it, that’s awesome! But that kind of ties into dieting, you know. If I was dieting or if I was in my eating disorder, I wouldn’t be enjoying any of that. And when I think of recovery, I just think of those memories, and I’m really happy that I have them.

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