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My Worries as a Parent of a Child With a Disability This School Year

What parents of kids with disabilities are thinking at the beginning of a new school year.



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As a parent of a child with a disability, a new school year can make me feel anxious.

What will other parents tell their children about my kid?

Will those working with him understand his needs?

What if something happens at school and she isn’t able to tell me?

What if teachers have low expectations for my child?

Will my child still receive a quality education?

My heart breaks thinking about bullying.

What if my child does not receive proper care at school?

What if teachers fail to recognize my child’s behavior is communication?

What if my child is forced to make eye contact?

What if a teacher takes recess away as punishment?

What if my child’s classroom is understaffed?

What if the IEP is not being followed?

What if my child is not receiving the supports she needs?

What if an aide is not trained to work with a child like mine?

What if I end up having to fight with the school for my child’s rights?

I want my kid to have friends this year.

I want communication with the teachers.

Mostly, I want my child to be treated with dignity and respect.

To be accepted.

To be included.

To be cared for.

To succeed.