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Nervous Habits of People With Social Anxiety


Nervous Habits of People With Social Anxiety

“I constantly ask for reassurance.”

“I talk. Nervous chatter isn’t something you expect from someone with social anxiety.”

“I yawn. Like a lot. I will start yawning to avoid conversations.”

“I smile and laugh at inappropriate times. In my mind I’m trying to put everyone at ease.”

“Constantly leaving unnecessarily early to get to places or events.”

“I don’t make eye contact because I worry people will think I’m creepily staring at them.”

“I use my husband as a shield.”

“My phone is my social crutch. Any time I talk to someone I have to scroll through the nothingness on my phone.”

“I constantly fidget. Anything to take my mind off being anxious.”

“Confessing everything, even things that don’t need sharing. If I don’t say it I can’t relax.”

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