Spoonie Hacks That Can Make Life With Chronic Illness Way Easier


Spoonie Hacks That Can Make Life With Chronic Illness Way Easier

“I plan the next day every night before I go to bed with a notebook. If I don’t have a plan and my mind gets all fuzzy then I am just a frantic, confused mess.”

“I have baskets under the coffee table with extra meds and things to keep me busy like knitting and coloring when I am stuck on the couch all day.”

“When I think of something for later, I often record a video of myself explaining my thoughts. That way, I can reference it later.”

“I spend a day or two whipping up things that are healthy and go in the freezer. Then I  can take out something and have multiple meal options with minimal fuss and energy.”

“I take that one day of the week to shut down and rest. I will juice, yoga, detox bath, and for dinner, I eat super clean. I just allow myself the whole day off.”

“Fancy leggings and tunic tops I can wear at work and feel comfortable.”

“I get an automatic shipment of things I buy regularly, like dog food, vitamins, personal care items. Leaving the house is always a pain day for me.”

“If you suffer from sensory overloads or chronic migraines/headaches, wear sunglasses inside so you don’t have to be in a pitch black room.”

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