This Grandma’s Clothing Company is Setting the Bar for Accessible Fashion

Grandma Karen Bowersox developed a line of jeans and more after making a pair for her granddaughter with Down syndrome.

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This Grandma’s Clothing Company Is Setting the Bar for Accessible Fashion

It all started when Karen Bowersox noticed her granddaughter, Maggie, who has Down syndrome, had trouble finding jeans that fit her.

After customizing jeans for Maggie, Bowersox created Downs Designs, selling clothes designed for people with Down syndrome.

Bowersox quickly realized her jeans could help those with limited use of their hands or upper bodies.

“I’ve realized that jeans without buttons or zippers don’t have to be limited to men with Down syndrome.” -Karen Bowersox

Seeing the need for more accessible options, Bowersox expanded Downs Designs into NBZ Apparel.

“The line will benefit men with autism or cerebral palsy or even arthritis — any disability that makes putting on jeans difficult.”

NBZ makes 18 different pairs of stylish jeans for both kids and adults.

For every three pants sold, one pair is donated to a wounded veteran or person in need.

Bowersox’s goal is to donate one million pairs of jeans.

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