What a Doctor Wants People to Know About Chronic Illness

A doctor who has chronic illness and treats patients with chronic illnesses shares what she wishes others knew.


I’m a Doctor With Chronic Illness.

Here Are 12 Things I Wish People Knew.

Nobody wants to feel sick.

Being unable to work is not a vacation.

Many doctors don’t understand chronic illness.

The symptoms of chronic illness are very complex.

Chronic illness fatigue is much more than being tired.

Brain fog is extremely frustrating.

Pain is a common symptom in those with chronic illness.

There is a greater risk of dangerous infections.

Certain foods can aggravate symptoms.

Sensitivity to smells is common.

Chronic illness can trigger many emotions.

It takes a lot of effort to manage chronic illness.


People with chronic illness fight daily to be able to understand their bodies and to do things others take for granted.

You can make a big difference by learning more about their symptoms and approaching them with compassion and support.

Written by Amy Stenehjem, M.D.

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