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This Is What It Looks Like to Survive Colorectal Cancer

Brave. Revealing. Real. Inspiring.

These are just a few words that describe the colorectal cancer survivors who appear in each year’s “Colondar” — a calendar produced by The Colon Club, a nonprofit that hopes to “educate as many people as possible, as early as possible, about colorectal cancer in interesting and out-of-the-box ways.”

Each model is a colorectal cancer survivor under the age of 50 who chose to bare his or her abdominal scar in hopes of raising awareness about a disease that many people assume only affects people over 50.

“Models featured tell the story that colorectal cancer does not discriminate, regardless of race, sex and age,” a Colon Club press release reads.

Below are a few photos and interview excerpts from The 2014 Colondar. To view each month’s survivor, visit The Colon Club’s website

Photo credit: Mark McCarty

“Some call me superman even though at times I felt the opposite.”
— Jose Baez

Photo credit: Mark McCarty

“We all have limited time, and sitting on the sidelines is not nearly as exciting or memorable as creating experiences.”
— Rose Dopsovic

Photo credit: Mark McCarty

“If you ever hear those words, “you have cancer,” you will never feel more alone. But know that you are not alone. “
— Marty Andrews

Photo credit: Mark McCarty

“I don’t know what the future holds, I know that I don’t have any control, but what I can do is live in the moment, enjoy life and help as many people as I can on the way.
— Tonya Floyd

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