To Anyone Who's Lost a Child, This Is for You

Backstory: On a May evening a few years ago, I sat down at my computer and saw a sad post from an online friend whose son had been very ill from the moment he was born. He had several genetic disorders including one my son has, Idic15. Before her son was born she was told he wouldn’t live more than a day, but he did. And he lived to see his first birthday too before finally succumbing to the many symptoms he bravely fought his whole life. That night when I saw her sad post of his passing I walked out onto my back deck into the night air for a moment. Then I walked back inside and wrote down these exact words without pausing, like a summer breeze had just passed through me, and I sent it to her. A gift from the universe to her, just like her son was and all of our children are.

A Rainbow Isn’t Made to Last

A rainbow isn’t made to last,
it’s much too beautiful to stay.
It will just suddenly appear
and brighten a cloudy day.

The timing must be perfect,
everything in their right places
to see such a wonderful gift
that brings smiles to all of our faces.

Its colors so bright and vivid,
red, purple, yellow and green.
A rainbow is more colorful
than anything you’ve ever seen.

The sun and sky, the stars and moon
must be more than a little jealous
to have such a beautiful neighbor.
I think that’s what they would tell us.

I don’t know how long I stood there
as time seemed to pass me by.
I just couldn’t get enough of
my magical rainbow in the sky.

Why can’t you stay here forever
so I can see you every day?
Because a rainbow is special
and miracles don’t work that way.

Did you know that I needed you?
That I love you with all my heart?
“A rainbow is God’s promise
that we’ll never be apart.”

Before it was gone, I closed my eyes
and made a wish right there and then.
I won’t say goodbye, I’ll say farewell
until we’re together again.

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