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    I want to thank everyone for their support

    #Suicide #ChronicDepression #ChildLoss #Anxiety #alienated #PTSD #EmotionalNeglect

    Does anyone else talk to themselves? Is it just me that finds myself telling my son Jacob who committed suicide "please honey let mommy have peace in my heart and mind, even if it is only for a little while"

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    Does anyone else have moments where you suddenly feel like you just found out for the first time that your child passed away?

    Sometimes out of nowhere it hits me like the day I received the phone call. It happens randomly, I can be washing dishes, driving, watching TV or waking up. It's like a revolving horror movie and the pain is as intense as the day I first found out. #SuicideLossSurvivors #ChildLoss #PTSD #grieving #Grief

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    Do you believe grief is a health condition that should be diagnosed by a mental health professional?


    Mighty editor Matt recently took a deep dive into the new clinical diagnosis of “prolonged grief disorder” (PGD). You can read his article here: Prolonged Grief Disorder: What This New Diagnosis Means for ...

    In it you’ll learn more about the DSM-5-TR, what diagnostic criteria PGD actually covers (in both children and adults), and why this new diagnosis matters.

    I’m curious, do you think a profound response to grief should be diagnosed? No right or wrong answers as this is new for us all. Your experience of grief (and however it manifests) is valid.

    💜 P.S. Thank you so much to everyone in this group who shared their experienced on prolonged grief. You helped to make this story what it is.

    #CheckInWithMe #Grief #ComplicatedGrief #ChildLoss #MentalHealth #SuicidalThoughts #Depression


    A poem

    To my abortion,

    I still love you.
    The suffocating stillness,
    my breath catches in my chest.
    I feel as though I’m some black hole
    where good things go to die.
    I did my best with what I had.
    Each summer punishes me with grief.
    The sweltering heat,
    the blistering heartache.
    The guilt that guts me like a white-bellied fish.
    Cold, slippery intestines in a fisherman’s fist.
    I am trying to process.
    I am trying to move on.
    I am trying.
    It is hard to be soft
    when you are both
    a woman and a grave.

    #Abortion #ChildLoss

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    What’s something you wish others actually said to you when someone dies?

    Something that I’ve learned time and time again is that people don’t know what to say when confronted with loss — so they tend to say the same things:

    “I’m sorry for your loss.”
    “They’re in a better place.”
    “They lived a long life.”
    “God has them now.”

    For some, these sayings are super comforting! For others, they aren’t (and they actually make things worse).

    So what are some sayings and phrases you wish people ACTUALLY said when someone in your life dies?

    ✏️ P.S. Your answer may be used in a Mighty story.

    #ChildLoss #Grief #Healing #MentalHealth #Suicide #CheckInWithMe #Depression


    Please help me to find a way to stay alive.

    I don’t want to die but I don’t know how to keep living anymore. This is not a cry for help. This is not a sympathy plea. And I don’t even have the energy to share my story anymore. It is too long and too painful and only gets worse as each year passes.
    Most people that know me would be shocked if they knew I was writing this message right now. But I am truly scared. It’s been so many many many years of hell. I’m tired of hearing “you are the strongest person I know”. “You inspire me” “I don’t know how you do it” “it’s so unfair what keeps happening to you”
    What I need is help to stay alive. I really want to. But every minute feels like it might be my last. I don’t know how to hold on anymore. There is nothing left in me.
    I am not weak. I am not unhappy. I never get bored. I love life, people, places, nature and everything else this amazing world has to offer. I’ve had a career, volunteered, traveled the world, great experiences and haved loved every minute of it. But the pain of everything I’ve gone through from birth and all the unbelievably horrific new things that keep happening to me are finally winning. I had a sense for a long time now that something like this would eventually happen. I’ve tried so hard for it not to get to this point. I’ve asked for help even though that’s the hardest thing in the world for me to do. And nothing has worked. No one has stepped up. Nothing has happened to help me. I am no one’s responsibility. There is no one on this path with me. Many people love and enjoy being with me but then they go back to their lives. And I don’t blame them. It’s not their fault. I am alone in this hell. And it is winning. Please can someone help me and tell me how to stay alive? Thank you. #Suicide #ChildLoss #Grief #Abuse #ChronicIllness #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #PTSD #Relationships


    Feeling heartbroken tonight

    Tonight as the 12 mark hits marks the 2 month anniversary of my darling angel baby the loss the grief I feel right now can’t ever be explained the heartache can’t ever be explained. Never did I think at 21 I’d be suffering such a loss forever broken hearted over my angel. #Depression #sad #ChildLoss

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    It’s not a home without your fur kids 🐾🥰

    Losing a son at a 100 days after he was born and having 4 miscarriages ,one being recently … adds a lot of depression and loneliness and feelings of not being worthy , guilt and every year round the times of loss … I go manic too avoid because I know if I don’t … I’ll go in a deep depression .. it’s like I can’t help it … I’m a emotion avoider mainly cause I feel everything so intensely.. I sometimes don’t feel safe if I let myself go there … and it’s so taboo too talk about and I keep most of it all bottled inside …. Because I am at the age woman have kids or trying I always feel like I am there biggest fear … or that’s what my brain 🧠 tells me …. But this morning the huskies were all snuggled in bed and I realized I don’t know what I would do without these fur babies and fish baby ! I make them homemade food , spoil them and treat them as if they are kids , break up fights , have an connection with all of them .. heck my little husky girl and I go get our nails painted together …I’m super maternal to everything and everyone around me (I am a plant mom too) and I’m only writing this because with being diagnosed with bipolar and all the trauma around having a baby for me and losing many and the one I had and loved I can only visit at a grace …. The thought of going Thur it again is so much at the moment .. and then I think about how I don’t want to pass this illness to a child or maybe I’m not equipped too be a mom and maybe that’s why it’s never worked out for me :( All these intrusive thoughts have really taken over and I’m too the point I just think it’s time too accept what being a mother may actually look like for me … but my heart will always yearn for more children … wasn’t sure if this was a normal way to feel after being diagnosed? Feeling undeserving of the things you want the most ?

    This pic below : my antidepressants as i love too call them ! 🐾🐠 #ChildLoss #BipolarDepression #intrusviethoughtscansuckit #normalornah #furbabies #amotherinmyownway

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    What quotes help you navigate grief?

    Welcome to our new grief-focused group, Mighties. We wanted to create this community for people who are grieving and have experienced loss in any shape or form — loss of things, people, pets, events, places, or moments that are both tangible and intangible. Any stage of grief is welcome here.

    To start the conversation, I’d love for you to share the quotes that have gotten you through a really challenging period of grief — it could be a quote about loss, a snippet that reminds you of the person you lost, or a funny joke that provided you a moment of emotional pause when you needed it most.

    Here’s a quote from Anne Lamott that I’ve kept close:

    “You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly - that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.”

    Lots of love from me to you today. 💖

    #ComplicatedGrief #Grief #GriefQuotes #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Depression #SuicideLoss #ChronicPain #ChildLoss


    Source of my anxiety and depression

    Lately I haven’t had any peace. I’m constantly worried that I won’t be able to have children. Since the miscarriage that’s all I think about. For the last week I’ve been having some unusual pain in my abdomen. I’m extremely irritable trying to accept this reality. #Anxiety #Depression #ChildLoss