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9-Year-Old Sports Star Completely Wows Ellen in Must-Watch Interview

Ezra French, 9, from Los Angeles, was born missing four fingers on his left hand and without a fully formed left leg, according to Sports Illustrated.  At age 3 he had to have his leg amputated, but the athletic kid has never been held back by his disability.

Ezra excels at sports. He he plays basketball, soccer, football, track and field and he skateboards. During his appearance on “The Ellen Show” last month, he said he’s set seven national records and was one of Sports Illustrated’s “Sportskids of the Year.” To top it all off, he has a fantastic outlook on life and is full of positivity and encouragement for others.

“You’ve just got to know that being different is OK,” Ezra tells Ellen in the video below. “And that you can dream it, you can hope it or you can make it happen.”

Watch Ezra French on Ellen in the video below:

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