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How a Total Stranger Reunited This Woman With Her Forgotten Memories

Rose Hill, 64, from Hillsboro, Oregon, first started experiencing dementia-like symptoms a year ago, according to CBS News. Hill felt disheartened by her memory loss and the lack of a medical diagnosis to explain it. Recently, however, she got a little surprise visit from the past that helped jog her memory.

While going through some bins at a nearby Goodwill outlet, Sara Redlich discovered a packet of Hill’s love letters from 1973. Redlich tracked Hill down to reunite her with the lost letters that turned out to be a correspondence between Hill and her now ex-husband when he was fighting in the Vietnam War.

I remember! You smell the smells. You hear the sounds. You feel like you are back in time and place,” Hill told CBS. “Any recollection feels like total joy.”

Get the full story in the video below:



h/t Good News Network

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