Watch the Beautiful Way an Entire Neighborhood Surprised This Deaf Man

As part of a Turkish ad campaign for Samsung’s new call center for people with hearing impairments, the company set up a stunt to show a deaf man he isn’t alone, BuzzFeed reported.

Samsung spent a month prepping, training people in sign language and setting up hidden cameras in a neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey. Then, Muaharrem, a deaf man, left his house one day to find that all of a sudden everyone he ran into knew sign language.

With each stranger who signed something to him, Muaharrem grew more and more confused — and  then delighted — by the open communication.

Samsung eventually revealed the stunt and introduced Muaharrem to the new call center technology.

All for Muaharrem to have one day without barriers,” reads the text in the video below.

Check out the moving advertisement:

h/t BuzzFeed

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