Watch These Men Dance Their Asses Off to Promote Colon Cancer Awareness

Iceland’s annual month-long men’s cancer awareness campaign, Mottumars, or “Mustache March,” is off to a running start.

This month’s theme is colon cancer, so to encourage men to take care of their colons, a group of well-known Icelandic actors and musicians dance their asses off in the hilarious ad below. Men flaunt their derreires at the doctor’s office, in the shower and in the meat aisle of the grocery store — all in the name of colon cancer awareness.

The campaign also features a mustache competition in which men compete over who has the most epic facial hair to raise money for the Icelandic Cancer Society, Iceland Magazine reported.

Learn more about the campaign — and check out some sweet dance moves — in the video below.

*The song in the video is “Hossa Hossa” by Amaba Dama.

h/t Reddit Cancer

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