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22 Movies People With Chronic Illnesses Watch on Rough Days

It’s a time-honored tradition: Curling up on the couch with a good movie when you’re not feeling well. For people with chronic illnesses, though, “not feeling well” is often a way of life. So they know exactly which movies will help keep your mind distracted on particularly rough days.

We asked our Mighty readers with chronic illnesses what movie they love to watch on tough days. Consider adding these to your Netflix queue.

Here’s what they told us:

1. “Kill Bill”

“Makes me feel powerful to see a woman close to my age function and move so well.” — Amber Wandmaker

2. “Guardians of the Galaxy”

“Something about a group of misfits saving the universe makes me feel better.” — Sarah Wright

3. “How To Train Your Dragon”

“Because dragons are awesome.” — Cat Latuszek

4. “Mulan”

“I figure if she could save China, I can deal with this.” — Sharon Esley Horning

5. “My Cousin Vinny”

“No matter how many times I have seen it and can recite it verbatim, it still makes me laugh.” — Jennifer Schmidt Manning

6. “Twister”

“There’s so much energy played by the characters that it’s motivating and makes me look forward to the next day or two when I know I will feel great for a little while. I know of no other way to explain it other than, for some reason, this movie gives me and my body inspiration, something to look forward to in the not too distant future.” — Sherri Paul

7. “Frozen”

“The song ‘Let It Go’ is my reminder to let go of my frustration when things don’t go the way I want.” — Hannah Mason

8. “Grease”

“The songs in this movie make me happy. Which in turn send out positive endorphins. I have fibromyalgia, and when it flairs I love anything that helps me think about something else.” — Sharon Pitt

9. “Cake”

“Jennifer Aniston portrays a chronic pain sufferer very well. When I watch that I don’t feel alone.” — Jory Pradjinski

10. “It’s A Wonderful Life”

“It makes me want to keep on pushing through the pain for myself and my family. I keep the DVD behind the TV when I need it.” — Linda Moore Mussa

11. “Harry Potter”

“I have the whole DVD set so it’s marathon time when I’m a little down or have a rough day. I think it’s a childhood thing for me, plus sometimes I feel like the odd one out of my friends (like Harry) but in different ways. But no matter what, the wizarding world is where I escape and at the end of the movie I feel a lot better!” — Alissa Patterson

12. “X-Men”

“My illness is genetic, so watching a bunch of awesome mutants makes me feel a little bit happier and more comfortable in my skin.” — Alex Kendall

13. “Rudy”

“I love seeing him hoisted into the air after putting in so much hard work and heart into being an athlete, even if he wasn’t built like one.” — Jennifer Northrup

14. “Steel Magnolias”

“Although I don’t have them same diagnosis as Shelby did in the movie, my family and I have had similar discussions as the family did in the movie. I’m a bawling mess all the way through it, but it comforts me by reminding me that my family cares and will do anything for me.” — Julie McCoy Laverack

15. “Under the Tuscan Sun”

“Because it’s a good reminder that life gets stormy at times but there will always be clear days again.” — Amanda Keehn

16. Star Wars”

“My bad days are bad after a craniectomy. This lets me focus on something besides how bad everything hurts.” — Jenafer Bauerle

17. Lord of the Rings”

“The theme that rings true in the trilogy is teamwork. They all had roles to play and in the end, being supportive of each other won the day.” — Ethan Terry

18. “The Lion King” 

“I’ve always watched it when I was a kid and not feeling well. It’s one of the reasons I have a Simba tattoo!” — Sarah Utterback

19. Mrs. Doubtfire”

“Robin Williams always makes me laugh!” — Sarah Codington

20. Jurassic World”

“I’m a firm believer that you can’t be sad while looking at Chris Pratt.” — Amanda Baldassari

21. “Cinderella Man”

“To see what love and human spirit can overcome. Great movie!” — Gayla Joe-Huckaby

22. “What About Bob?”

“It makes me laugh and get perspective — remember ‘tiny steps.'” — Amy Sue Inskeep

Do you have a favorite movie to watch when you’re having a rough day? Let us know in the comments.