Watch What Happens When This Special Ed Teacher Plays Jason Mraz in Class

Last year, special education teacher Chris Ulmer earned praise for the awesome way he starts class every day. Now, he’s posted a video showing how he wraps up the week with his kids. Spoiler alert: It’s just as amazing.

Ulmer, 26, who teaches at Keystone Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, uploaded a Facebook video in January and captioned the clip, “Beautiful things happen when you play a Jason Mraz song inside a special education classroom…”

Ulmer explained that when his kids are tired, a little bit of music quickly perks them up, and more importantly, encourages them to cheer on their peers.

“Music in itself can raise a child’s self-confidence and social skills,” Ulmer told The Mighty. “I’ve created a technique to include music in everyday academics which has raised student attentiveness and productivity.”

“I join in to encourage their behavior,” he says in the video below. “Notice how they sing louder in response … Let’s encourage all children to sing a little louder.”

Music in EducationBeautiful things happen when you play a Jason Mraz song inside a special education classroom… Posted by Special Books by Special Kids on Friday, January 8, 2016

In another video (below), Ulmer plays the guitar and harmonica for his kids and uses the music as a way to get them to interact.

“Today I discovered that music can break down communication barriers in a special education classroom,” he wrote on Facebook. “And it was beautiful.”

The Beauty of MusicToday I discovered that music can breakdown communication barriers in a special education classroom.And it was beautiful. Posted by Special Books by Special Kids on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Ulmer first caught our attention last year when he launched “Special Books by Special Kids,” a program that will allow students in his special education class to publish their stories in a book.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for Special Books by Special Kids, which is updated daily.

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