To My Husband Who Loved Me Through Postpartum Depression

To my dear husband,

Thank you for loving me through this. Through the tears, the crying, the worry.

Postpartum depression could have robbed our marriage, our family and us the joy of welcoming another sweet daughter into the world, but it didn’t because of you.

You didn’t judge me when I sat on the bathroom floor and cried for no apparent reason.

You didn’t make me feel guilty when you took on countless overnight feedings while I lay curled up in our queen-size bed underneath the covers.

You didn’t pressure me to “snap out of it” and pull myself together when I cried after burning a frozen pizza in the oven because you knew the overwhelming sadness I was feeling was about so much more than just a charred dinner.

Instead you let me be. You let me cry. You loved me even when it was hard to like me and impossible to understand me. You assured me I was still a good mother and a good wife despite this mental illness that seemed to rob me of so much joy.

You showed up for me when I couldn’t. You carried the load when it was too heavy for me. You held our family together when it could have easily fallen apart.

Thank you.

Thank you for giving me grace. For being patient with me. Thank you for encouraging me to seek help, and for not making me feel like a failure.

Thank you for standing with me. For supporting me. For loving me during this journey.

I am so grateful for you.

Shelley and Her Family

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