20 Reasons We Should Speak Up About Suicide

During National Suicide Prevention Month, Active Minds asked its community to share why they speak about suicide using the hashtag #ReasonsISpeak.

Just because September’s over doesn’t meant the conversation has to stop.

To keep it going, we asked the Active Minds’ community to tell us why they speak up about suicide, and compiled some of the great messages shared throughout the month.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Let’s talk about:

1. “It felt like I was stuck in a very dark, endless cave. I just couldn’t see a way out. But good mates brought me back, and I have not thought like that for well over 12 months.” — Taya N.

2.I’ve needed the support of friends to help remind me to keep fighting, and I hope I can be that person to others by speaking out.” — Robyn S.

3.Because one day, someone might actually listen, rather than dismissing it as ‘negativity’ and ‘attention seeking.’” — Ash F.

4. “To break the stigma of mental health.” — Simone M.

5. I speak because my dad is no longer is able. He died by suicide last November. He battled depression with a warrior’s heart for over 49 years. I tell his story in the hopes that it will spark a dialogue in other people’s homes, workplaces and society in general. My dad used to say he found the shame of his depression as crippling as the disease itself. No one should ever believe that mental illness is anything other then a medical condition… I have no shame of my father or his battles. My dad was a funny, brilliant man. He had a life well lived, was loved deeply and is missed every day. I am proud of who he was and gladly share our story whenever possible.” — Heather T.

6. “I’ve have had depression since I was a young woman. I felt so different, but I put on a smile. It was not until I was in my 30s that I was told this is depression. When I speak about it, I hope just one young person will be helped.” — Diane S.

7. “Because it’s my reality.” — Marianne R.















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Want to join the conversation? Use #ReasonsISpeak to tell us why you speak up about suicide on social media or in the comments below.

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