To the Loved Ones of the Chronically Ill During the Holidays

As you gather together with family and friends this holidays season, no matter what or how you celebrate, please think of those who can’t be with you.

There are some of us who cannot travel. We cannot eat the foods provided. We cannot sit up and join in for long periods of time or at all. There are some of us hidden behind bedroom doors, or we are tucked away in hospitals.

As we lay on our pillows or sit in our chairs, watching social media sites light up with well wishes, we often dream. We want to be able to be with you. It’s not a willing choice we make to stay away. It’s not the family arguments or the fact that some of you don’t believe our illness is real, or that you believe we aren’t that bad off, that keep us away.

We are not there because of surgeries, pain, fatigue, sensory overload, inability to travel, and many other health reasons. We love you. We honestly would much rather be healthier and be with you!

The sound of the nurses in the hallways and the doctors providing emergency surgeries may be what we hear while our loved ones laugh and chatter. Think of us. Remember those of us who sat next to you in church every week but have disappeared the last couple of Sundays. Remember those who have to work to take care of the unhealthy. Remember those who are fighting from their beds.

As you sing your songs, as you share your wallets wrapped in bows and pretty paper, and as you pass the plates of sweets, as you gossip and chat about the latest with family and friends, think of us in fondness. We hope you have a wonderful and healthy holiday season. We will be thinking of you.

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