5 Things I've Learned Living With Fibromyalgia

First and foremost, I’ve learned not everyone with fibromyalgia has the exact same list of symptoms. Each of us can have many of the same symptoms, but some symptoms can also vary greatly. 

Secondly, the biggest favor I’ve learned to do for myself is to choose my daily tasks and activities wisely. I’ve learned some activities are worth the added pain or a fibromyalgia “flare” and others aren’t. It’s something I’m still actively learning to do for my own benefit and the benefit of my family.

Thirdly, “fibro fog” does exist! The brain fog associated with fibromyalgia is personally one of the hardest symptoms I’ve had to learn how to live with. Some days are better then others. On my best days, I can laugh at my lack of words, inability to concentrate and stumbling through sentences. On my worst days, it brings me to tears. When my pain level is elevated, my fibro fog becomes extreme.

Fourthly, getting a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia can sometimes take years. I went through test after test, doctor to doctor and received tons of diagnoses before receiving my diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

I want to add to this the encouragement: Never give up. So many times I felt frustrated and completely worn out. I would throw my hands up, vow to be done with all of it and go through periods without medical care. Don’t give up, you’re worth it.

Lastly, I’ve learned because the list of possible symptoms is so long that it can be very confusing as to which symptoms are fibromyalgia and which aren’t. I’ve learned to pass some things off as just another fibromyalgia symptom, but then I’ll have other symptoms that I’m not sure are related to fibromyalgia or not. We need to find a happy medium because going to the doctor for each and every single symptom can be not only costly but tiresome. Knowing your own body and when to seek medical attention would be helpful. We are our best advocate.

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