We Are All Superheroes, on Election Day and Always

Today is an exciting and terrifying day. Will Gotham be saved? Will Gotham survive?

Whatever happens, we will survive. Because we are all superheroes.

We will cast our votes and hope for a brighter tomorrow. We will accept the outcome of this election with grace and continue to love our families and friends after a tough battle.

For some, the battle will be lost, but that is OK. More battles will come. You will live to fight on another day because you are a superhero. You must keep fighting for what you believe in. Fighting to change the world and make it a brighter place.

For some, the battle will be won. You will celebrate, you will feel like an even bigger superhero. You will feel like the Hall of Justice prevailed. But, you must not become complacent. Life is a riddle, and you must keep on your toes to continue solving it.

Life can be hard. Times can be very difficult. You may have a chronic or invisible illness. You may be navigating the world with a disability or mental illness. But you keep going, you keep fighting because you are a superhero. You know what it means to struggle. You know what it means to overcome. You know what it means to fall down over and over again. You know what it means to get right back up.

kids dressed like superheros

You may not have a huge bat signal, or an invisible plane, or be made of steel, but you are human, and you matter.

You will face enemies, you will encounter your Kryptonite, but you will become stronger. You will become a better person.

So go and exercise your right to vote. It is powerful. It is important to the republic. It matters.

But no matter what happens, you are still a superhero. Use your power to make your families and communities better on a daily basis. Do something to make a difference, big or small. Mow someone’s lawn, take someone out for coffee, make someone smile.

Help your children believe in superheroes by being one. Show them that good conquers evil and that love always prevails. Tell them everyone deserves respect and kindness. Lead by example.

America is already great, and we are always stronger together. Because we are all superheroes. We walk the beat, we heal, we teach, we build, we serve, we love.

Let’s come together as a nation of incredible people and superheroes. Let’s support each other, let’s embrace each other, let’s encourage each others dreams.

Let’s help each other love, let’s help each other fly.

Up, up and away we go!

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