6 American Sign Language Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

Do you still have some holiday shopping to do? If you have a deaf child, a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), or a hearing child with or without disabilities whom you want to teach how to sign, these gift ideas would be great. My CODA daughter, Coral would have loved these gifts when she was a kid, so that is why I hand picked these gift ideas to share with you!

1. ASL Alphabet Blocks. Build and learn at the same time.

2. Mommy and Me Tees (I Love You). Wear the same top as your little one for the holidays!

3. ASL Alphabet Garland. Decorative and educational way to learn to sign the alphabet together.

4. ILY Hand Shape Pillow. Adds love to any child’s room.

5. Melissa & Doug Sign Language Alphabet Peg Puzzle . Develop many skills such as fine motor skill, cognitive skill, and hand-eye coordination with this colorful toy.

6. Plan Toys Hand Sign Numbers 1 – 10.

Learn to count 1-10 in ASL with this fun toy.

Happy Holidays!

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