Assumptions You Shouldn't Make About Someone With Anxiety

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3 Things I Try to Do Consistently to Manage My Anxiety

If there’s anything I’m learning increasingly in my battle with anxiety, then it’s that self-care is as important as breathing in this day-to-day journey. Self-care is simply doing the necessary things to help us deal more bravely and beautifully with the frustrations of an anxious, panic-ridden soul. Self-care is vital because anxiety doesn’t care what [...]
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3 Ways I'm Coping With Holiday Anxiety (That Might Come Across as Rude)

I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays. Sure, now that I have a child of my own there is more to love, but it’s a complicated relationship to say the least. The smells, sounds and sights are a gift to the senses for many. To me, however, these simple truths of the holidays are [...]
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What You Don't Know About the 'Put Together' Person Standing In Front Of You

I am happy. I enjoy going out with friends and socializing with others. I enjoy working in groups and interacting with customers at work. Waking up is my favorite part of the day. Most people would describe me as these things, but that’s not the real me. That’s just what I appear to be. The [...]

Signs You Grew Up With Anxiety

Twitter users started the hashtag #GrowingUpWithAnxiety to describe childhood and young adulthood with an anxiety disorder — these are some of the best responses. Read the full story.