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30 Thoughts That Go Through My Head in a Day With Chronic Illness

Every day with a chronic illness is unknown. There is always the unknown. Will it be a good day, or a bad day? Will I get done what I wanted? Will I feel accomplished or not? These are some thoughts that go through my head on a regular basis because of my chronic illnesses.

1. Will I be able to get out of bed?

2. Do I have to get dressed today?

3. What pants, shirt and sweatshirt will cause me the least pain?

4. I’m not getting dressed unless I have to leave the house.

5. I have to rest up all day if there’s any chance of me going to work tonight.

6. Should I take Aleve, Tylenol, or Advil?

7. I want to take a bath but the whole setting up idea sounds exhausting.

8. I need a cup of tea.

9. I need another cup of tea.

10. I can’t forget to take this medication today.

11. I hope I can at least just stretch today.

12. I’m so lucky to have my dog.

13. I’m so happy I have friends with Lyme disease.

14. I can’t believe I’m getting a service dog.

15. There’s nothing to eat.

16. This cold weather is killing me.

17. How the heck did I get this sick?

18. I have epilepsy?

19. I want to be a normal person and then I try to do something and it doesn’t work out.

20. It’s crazy that I should be a sophomore in college now…

21. Time for more tea.

22. What “giving back” can I do for people this year?

23. I hope I can visit my brother in college.

24. I wish I could dance in the Nutcracker this year.

25. The holiday season makes me so much happier.

26. Time to turn on some Jackie Evancho music.

27. I wish I could have brain surgery to get rid of my chronic pain. I would do it.

28. I just want to get the magic eight hours of sleep tonight.

29. Will my cognitive function come back?

30. I wish I could tell everyone who didn’t believe me that I was right.

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