Things People With Anxiety Are Tired of Hearing

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Woman Sitting On Sofa Comforting Unhappy Crying Friend

When You Can No Longer Hide Your Anxiety From Your Friends

Establishing and maintaining friendships has never been easy for me. As a child, I was so painfully shy, I could only have one friend at a time. I would cherish and love that friend with every part of me, and I would fall apart when our friendship would fizzle out. As I got older, I [...]
Close-up of a person's hands holding a bottle of pills

Why I Am No Longer Ashamed to Take Medication for My Anxiety

Freshman year of high school, my anxiety hit me pretty hard. This was the time I was actually diagnosed, but I knew years before I was different. I never realized how much could actually change in one year. In this year, I lost many people I thought were friends. Some days, I looked in the [...]
Illustration of werewolf walking in woods at night

When My Son Told Me His Anxiety Is Like a Werewolf

Walking into the high school with my 18-year-old son (on our way to watch my 16-year-old son perform), he stopped suddenly and squished my cheek. (Squishing cheeks is his most frequent sensory stim. He tells me my cheeks are soft. I believe him because, well, he’s a cheek expert!) “I think I figured out why [...]
teenage girl lying on grass with her eyes closed

When You Want and Don't Want People to Notice You're Struggling

Sometimes it’s so easy to stick your head in the sand, to pretend like everything is just fine, to smile at the world. People ask how you’re doing, but do they truly care for an answer or is it simply being polite or an automatic question? I’m not sure. But I do know it’s so [...]