My Self-Care Manifesto

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What Dating With Anxiety Looks Like

The older I get the more I’ve been able to understand the impacts of anxiety on my life. From as long as I can remember, unfelt emotions and stressors have triggered anxiety in my present life. So when I step into the world of dating it makes things a lot more confusing. For me, dating [...]
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The Picture I Paint of My Anxiety

I paint a picture. A picture of a girl who emits a radiant glow, with a smile and a visual certainty she is happy. A girl who is put together — wearing a mask formed the way it was yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. A girl who giggles, and blushes, [...]
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How Anxiety Gets in the Way During a Typical Day

This morning I woke up and felt amazing after a good night sleep. I turned on some music and danced while I got ready for work. I left my house, got in my car and drove an hour to my job, singing all the way. I looked forward to my day. The sun was beaming [...]
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What a 'Good Day' Looks Like for Someone With Anxiety

We talk a lot about what makes anxiety hard to live with, and while it’s important to share our struggles, we can’t forget to celebrate our victories, too. Even if “good days” with anxiety seem like “normal days” for someone else, it’s important to hold on to the fact that these good days are possible — [...]