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14 Badass Moms With Chronic Illness to Celebrate on Mother's Day

As a mom living with a chronic illness, you deal with the pressures of parenthood all while fighting for your health. You manage your doctor’s appointments and your kids’ after-school activities, take care of your own body while teaching your kids to take care of theirs, and manage the complexities of health insurance. Basically, you kick ass.

We rounded up 14 moms who have chronic illnesses, just in time for Mother’s Day. Of course, this list is missing a few people: all of you, the women tackling motherhood and illness every day even when your health makes it tougher than most people realize. We urge you, no matter how hard it is, to take some time this week to remind yourself just how great of a parent you really are — even when it doesn’t feel like it.

1. Yolanda Hadid


Sonya Huber, a writer, teacher and mom from Connecticut, wanted to go to the Women’s March on January 21, but her rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis meant she wouldn’t be physically able to attend. So she created the Disability March, an official co-sponsor of the Women’s March that allowed people with disabilities to virtually “march” and participate in the protest. “I wanted to figure out a way for us to be counted but also for our issues and concerns to be visible at this critical time in our country,” Huber told The Mighty.

14. Gelcys Castaneda

young boy kissing his mom's head

At her blog Runner Unleashed, Gelcys Castaneda writes about her journey as a runner with scoliosis, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, and how she talks about her illness with her young son. Like many moms with chronic illness, she worries about how her illness will affect him, but wrote on The Mighty:

I work hard to make him proud. I work hard so he sees what it takes to get to your dreams. Nothing in life is easy. When you are dealing with multiple chronic conditions it makes life five times harder, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to your illnesses. You get up and lace your shoes to battle them because you inspire the little ones.

Despite this list we want to stress: you are worth celebrating. Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms facing chronic illness. We’re so grateful for you.

Shout out a Mighty mom in the comments below. Let us know why she inspires you.