Just Today: How to Get Through an Anxious Morning

Just today:

I will show up early.

I will learn something.

I will teach something.

I will make someone smile.

I will be completely underwater and not be overwhelmed.

I will enjoy friendship.

I will love others.

I will not exile myself.

I will not exile myself if (when) I make a mistake.

I will talk to strangers.

I will say “sorry” less and “thank you” more.

I will be a human being.

I will relate to others as a human being.

I will worry less about the future.

I will worry less about failure.

I will worry less about what others are saying about me.

I will worry more about what I am saying about others.

I will drink coffee, tea and water instead of soda.

I will not beat myself up for drinking soda.

I will drink soda.

I will sing in the car.

I will laugh and smile, but only if it is genuine.

I will cry and be sad, but only if it is genuine.

I will make today matter.

Anxiety will not make my choices for me.

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