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I've Now Lost Two Jobs Because of My Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I got fired. I have never been fired before. I was diagnosed with mixed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-M) only three months ago. I went to the doctor because my job, at the time, was threatening to fire me. So, because I couldn’t control my illness, I decided to leave that job. It felt a bit like I was being pushed out. They said I was welcome to return once I got everything under control. I was making $11.20/hour there working my full-time hours. I was happy with the arrangement.

Since then, I got a job making $9.00/hour, only getting 25 hours a week. I was just fired from this job. I told them about everything when I hired in. I told them and they said it shouldn’t be a problem. So now, for the second time in the three months since I was diagnosed, I am without a job due to my IBS.


Why is it you cannot have a chronic illness and be employed? I am a good worker. I even go to work when I am in too much pain, when I should be at home. I only call in when absolutely necessary. So, because of that, I got fired.

I am not even sure what I am supposed to do now. Is it worth looking for another job? Am I going to get fired from that as well? I am at a point where the world seems to be against me. As if dealing with IBS wasn’t a big enough issue, now I have to navigate the employment community. Again.

I feel like I’m drowning. I need to be employed, but how do I do it? I am lost and confused with this. I know there are jobs out there for me. I just need to work hard at finding the right one.

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