My Anxiety Is a Snowstorm: A Metaphor

My anxiety is a snowstorm. Like snowflakes, my thoughts are all unique. Snow will stick together and start to take shape. Likewise one bad scenario can attract more negative thoughts. Just a small ball of tension in my mind sets the mood. Next, overthinking steps to get the storm brewing.

The snowfall that represents my worry comes down unexpectedly at high speed like a snowstorm. During the worst ones, it’s safest to stay in the comfort of my home. What lies outside is frightening and uncertain.

Some days I’m hit by the storm that is my anxiety, but I am still much stronger than the challenges I face. I am made up of many thoughts, some more beautiful than others. The positive ones are snowflakes from a light snowfall you’d see falling on Christmas morning. The negative ones I wish would melt the second they hit the ground.

I do my best to escape them. On certain days I am home free, others I get caught out in the downfall. The one thing I am sure of is those unfortunate moments do not define me. The event of a snowstorm does not make the snowflakes involved less beautiful.

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