Only My Fellow Chronic Warriors Can Understand the Battle I Fight Daily

Chronic illness is not only physical. Sometimes, the mental battle is even tougher to face.

Only someone with a chronic illness will understand what it feels like to truly be on the verge of a breakdown. No other individual can understand what it is like to be in pain of some sort every minute of every day.


For those of us with chronic illness, we understand what it is like to get tired from standing up. We understand what it is like to barely remember our name some days. We understand how far your health and its side effects can push you.

But, we are the same people who grasp what it is like to fight for each moment and breath of each day. It is us who comprehend how much effort every action takes, and how much we will struggle to do something that should be so effortless.

We are a community of warriors who persevere and fight a battle every single day.

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