Parenting With Fibromyalgia

I am one of you. I have fibromyalgia and I have an amazing 2-year-old son who keeps me going on even the worst of days.

Lately I’ve been thinking though. How do I explain it to him? And what if he develops it?

He already knows if he wants me to play “Legos” with him I can’t sit on the floor like Daddy does, so he moves sofa cushions to where he wants me to sit instead. This is so sweet I could cry every time he does it, but it also makes me sad he is already becoming aware of my limitations. I want my son to think I’m “Super Mummy,” not someone he has to be careful around or take care of.


Having had fibro for so long, it’s second nature for my husband and I to work around/with it day to day. The worry I have is my son might think his life has to revolve around it, too. I’m determined my illness will not hold him back the way it does me.

So, I decided I’m going to be honest and start telling him how things are, but keep it from sounding too scary. If I can’t do the types of playing he asks me to do, I will tell him, “I can’t. I have a sore back.” He understands “hurts,” so I should be able to keep it matter of fact and truthful. I definitely don’t want him worrying about me, so I keep my anxiety and panic attacks away from him because that could potentially be frightening.

I do hope he doesn’t have or ever get fibromyalgia. I guess if he does, I’ll know how to help him, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, especially not my beautiful boy.

Most of all, I have to focus on how lucky I am to be MumMum to this awesome little person.

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