Why It's Important Talinda Bennington Shared a Video of Chester Bennington Laughing

In what she said was the “most personal tweet” she’s ever shared, Talinda Bennington, wife of Chester Bennington, posted a video of Chester laughing just 36 hours before his death.

Why? “So that you know that depression doesn’t have a face or a mood,” Bennington wrote.

The video shows Chester laughing and goofing around with his family. The Linkin Park singer died by suicide on July 20th.

“This is what depression looked like to us,” Bennington wrote. “He loves us so much & and we loved him.”

When people we love are depressed and suicidal, there are sometimes warning signs — but they’re not always what we think. According to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, here are some warning signs that might indicate someone is suicidal.

If a person talks about, “being a burden to others, feeling trapped, experiencing unbearable pain, having no reason to live, killing themselves.”

Specific things to look out for include,“increased use of alcohol or drugs, looking for a way to kill themselves, such as searching online for materials or means, acting recklessly, withdrawing from activities, isolating from family and friends, sleeping too much or too little, visiting or calling people to say goodbye, giving away prized possessions, aggression.”

Living with a history of trauma and addiction, as Chester did, also puts you at a higher risk of attempting suicide.

But as Dese’Rae L. Stage, who runs the Twitter account @suicidemediabot, points out, just because someone’s spirits are lifted, doesn’t mean they are no longer in danger.

According to Dr. John M. Grohol, founder and CEO of Psych Central, it’s been found that over 70 percent of people who die by suicide tell someone about their plans, or give some other type of warning signs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean picking up on these signs is always easy, and it’s common to notice behaviors in hindsight that may have actually been warning signs. That’s why it’s important Bennington is continuing this conversation after Chester’s passing. We can’t dismiss someone’s pain just because they’re able to laugh — and knowing some of the more subtle warning signs might help. She also posted a photo of him days before he passed, smiling with his family. “Suicidal thoughts were there,but you’d. Never kmow,” Bennington wrote.

For tips for how to support someone who is suicidal, here are some resources:

24 Real Ways to Help Someone Who’s Feeling Suicidal

What to Do When You’re Worried a Loved One Might Be Suicidal

When Someone Is at Risk

If you or someone you know needs help, visit our suicide prevention resources page.

If you need support right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or text “HOME” to 741-741. Head here for a list of crisis centers around the world.

Screenshop via @TalindaB

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