Why Today Was a Win Over My Anxiety

Today was a win.

This morning my brain and I fought.

I had plans made and I was looking forward to my outing and spending time with friends.

Then I woke up.

My brain tried to tell me I didn’t want to go — that it would be much easier to stay in my comfort zone at home and not see anyone, that I should just stay in bed. Not in the “I’m tired” way, but the “I can’t be bothered” way. My brain put up a good fight, but today I was stronger.

Today was a win because I went anyway. And as expected, I had a great time.

I don’t always win these fights, and too often I focus on the loses or how challenging it was to win. Today though, I’m choosing to focus on the fact I went. I won the fight.

Today was a win.

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